M.Sc. Nursing degree programme

Vacations are planned according to the programme of study. All students are expected to avail these days. The students are expected to be present on the reopening days after holidays. If not, the Principal should be intimated immediately followed by a written explanation. Any day of absence without prior permission will be counted as 2 days lost and will affect the attendance expected by the university.

Attendance of Classes:
Regular attendance at classes is a requirement of the college, in case of illness or any unavoidable cause; the student should submit an application stating the genuine reason for his/her absence.

Any absence or lack of attendance as per university requirement should be considered as 'not eligible' for appearing university examination.

Attendance at Clinical practice:
100 % attendance at clinical practice is compulsory. Students are expected to maintain their health to finish the requirements during their posting in the specific clinical area.

Academic and clinical evaluation:
Preformancd appraisal done periodically both theory & practice. It is reported to the parents every month.

S.No Academic Year No. of Students Admission Passing
1 2006-2007 20 14 13
2 2008-2009 20 20
3 2009-2010 20 20
4 2010-2011 20
5 2011-2012
6 2012-2013

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